House Price

People are suddenly being asked to pay a lot more for houses outside Dublin

ASKING PRICES FOR homes in Ireland’s cities outside Dublin have leapt over the past three months.

The latest house price report from showed a sharp reversal in the fortunes of home buyers both in and outside the capital, where the Central Bank’s mortgage lending rules have put the brakes on the country’s most-expensive property market.

The average asking price across Dublin was down 1.4% to €306,340 over the three months from July to September, only the second time since 2013 there had been a quarterly decline.

But elsewhere quoted prices were up 3.9% to just over €205,000 with properties also selling for greater premiums over the ticket rate than in the capital when final transaction prices were factored in.

The biggest increases in asking prices over the past three months came in Ireland’s other major urban centers. The rise was led by Limerick, where the average price was up 7.7% during the period.

In Cork, asking prices have jumped 19.1% against the same time a year earlier, compared to only a 2.4% annual rise in Dublin.


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